Reclaim Open:

Rediscovering the Open Web

June 5-7, 2023 • Fredericksburg, VA

In April 1993, Tim Berners Lee open sourced the World Wide Web, and the ensuing decades of internet technologies bears the mark of that historic moment. Thirty years later, open source still remains central to building and providing an open web. For our 4th biennial conference, Reclaim Hosting plans to not only celebrate the history of the open web, but take stock of the present moment while exploring the future of Open.

To this end we established 3 distinct, though always related, tracks wherein we asked folks to share their work around the past, present, and future of the open web. 

It was so fun to head back where it all began, and we had a blast welcoming web historians, creative tinkerers, digital humanists, instructional technologists, project admins, and open source advocates to Fredericksburg, Virginia on June 5-7, 2023. 

July 2023 Recap: Reclaim Open Online

Throughout the month of July, we are re-premiering recorded sessions to capture some of the highlights from our time on the ground in Fredericksburg, VA. If you missed a session in person, this next month will be a great opportunity to tune in! We’ll also be sharing blog posts, community reflections, and hearing from our 4th keynote speaker, Olia Lialina, as she dives further into the Web That Was, and we can’t wait to see you there.

For those that have joined Reclaim EdTech events in the past, participating in the Reclaim Open recap should feel rather familiar. And for folks that are just now discovering all-things-Reclaim… welcome! Keeping the Reclaim Open fun going with other conference participants online will be a piece of cake, and you can find more details at

Track presentations, which can range from dynamic talks, art works, panels and participatory workshops, highlight the 30 year history of Open when it comes to possibilities and limits of augmenting teaching and learning the open web. Topics include (though not limited to):

The Web that Was

– Email 
– Tilde spaces
– Preservation & Archiving
– Web Fundamentals

The Web that Is

– Newsletters
– WordPress
– Web Video
– APIs
– Digital Web Presence

The Web that Will Be

– Web3
– VR
– Climate Change
– Privacy & Ownership
– Cloud


For questions, please email
or write to us in the #reclaimopen discord channel.