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Empowering Students to Be Digital Creators

Are you tired of the same old boring digital fluency conversations? You know the ones, “Let’s make students take a technology proficiency course in the LMS,” or, “Let’s make everyone take a class on digital literacy”, or the even more dreaded, “Let’s give everyone a Domain of One’s Own.” It’s time to break free from […]

The Tsunami That Wasn’t: Lessons from the Year of the MOOC

Massive Open Online Courses were the first attempt by tech companies and university administrators to use technology to render faculty obsolete.  The companies that organized MOOCs when this term first became widely known in 2012 still exist.  However, you can see in their marketing and in their current organizational structures that MOOCs are now the […]

Your website is a slow, bloated, carbon-belching monstrosity

Modern websites are disgustingly large. Bloated websites are slow. Slow websites use more energy. This is bad and unnecessary. We are guilty of crimes that have harmed both the web and our planet. It’s time to seek redemption and sin no more. I will show you how to run performance tests on a few public […]