Roll with your own API: Skidmore’s first data streaming API




Physics research requires working with enormous data sets. Having access to dynamically-generated output figures in the classroom and lab to work with is critical for teaching and learning activities in class, as well as drawing useful conclusions during the research process. However, current methods to obtain on-the-fly data such as passing around a flash drive continuously to download and upload files is inefficient and ineffectual, not to mention risky from an IT security perspective.

In collaboration with the Skidmore Physics department, Skidmore’s Learning Experience Design group and Reclaim Hosting, Alex Carney ‘23, developed Skidmore’s first Reclaim Cloud initiative and datahub project: the Skidmore Extragalactic Catalog. It’s a website using an API hosted in a Docker container for uploading, querying, and sharing data used in astrophysics research. In this presentation, we’ll demo the site and share highlights of its dev story; from getting started with the learning challenges, to experiencing hallelujah moments of insight alongside Reclaim Cloud support and good cheer. We’ll also point out some lessons learned and share news about prototyping new cloud hosting and simulation projects like building a new type of digital microscope.

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