Fast, Cheap, and Under Control – 2023




Fast, Cheap, and Under Control 2023 – Web Video Stuff You Should Know – It’s a presentation AND a website!

Back in the early twenty-teens, the DTLT team at the University of Mary Washington was hitting its zenith of experimentation (technology, not drugs). The digital storytelling course known as DS106 was wildly popular and had several creative iterations. Part of my contribution to “DS 106” was called Fast, Cheap, and Under Control, a resource available to help point folks to simple and low cost or free tools to help shoot, edit, encode and publish video to the web.

This presentation will be part nostalgia. Part update. And hopefully packed with tons of useful information regarding the incredible tools – hardware and software – that I use on a daily basis. What was once called “new media” is now being used in the 2020’s to create new types of stories, as well as new realities on the web.

Of course I’ll talk about:
* Web video concepts, such as codecs, resolution, and compression.
* Simple and advanced video editors such as QuickTime, Davinci Resolve, and Lossless Cut
* Software vs. hardware live-streaming solutions
* Video players like IINA, YouTube downloaders like Downie, video automation tools like Companion, interactive video content like H5P, and even home video streaming software like Infuse
* Virtual video and green screens
* Finally, we’ll wrap things up with some futuristic tools such as video collaboration featuring, advanced 360º image and video editing, and AI video tools like Runway ML
* I’ll even talk about OG DVD Rippers!

Where does video fit into the current open web? Will, or has, the definition of video change(d)? What’s the future of video? This presentation will explore where we are, where we’ve been, and where we’re going. We’ll start the clock at 30 minutes and see how far we get – and the website will get us the rest of the way there.

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