Tech Bar: An Origin Story

Learn how we at St. Norbert College got off the ground running with our Domain of One’s Own project by building a support structure for this in the form of a Tech Bar. Whether you want to build a web based portfolio or record a podcast, one of our amazing students can facilitate the project. […]

Building System Capacity: SUNY’s Digital Journey

This presentation will share SUNY’s journey with a Domain of One’s Own. One of the unique aspects of SUNY’s Domain setup is that we have a shared setup between multiple campuses. Starting from a grant-funded program, it has been integrated into SUNY OER Services offerings. There is continued advocacy to push the initiative forward in […]

Empowering Students to Be Digital Creators

Are you tired of the same old boring digital fluency conversations? You know the ones, “Let’s make students take a technology proficiency course in the LMS,” or, “Let’s make everyone take a class on digital literacy”, or the even more dreaded, “Let’s give everyone a Domain of One’s Own.” It’s time to break free from […]

The emergence of Virtual Pinball Culture and Table Creation as an Art Form

This presentation will focus on the online communities supporting the pinball arts, from vintage classic restoration, and user experience preservation, to custom Visual Pinball (vPin) cabinet making. These online communities are a fast-growing subculture of the pinball world. User-generated content drives playfield design, software and hardware interface development, and even novel use of augmented reality/Virtual […]

Hipster Ipsum

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