Roll with your own API: Skidmore’s first data streaming API

Physics research requires working with enormous data sets. Having access to dynamically-generated output figures in the classroom and lab to work with is critical for teaching and learning activities in class, as well as drawing useful conclusions during the research process. However, current methods to obtain on-the-fly data such as passing around a flash drive […]

Fast, Cheap, and Under Control – 2023

Fast, Cheap, and Under Control 2023 – Web Video Stuff You Should Know – It’s a presentation AND a website! Back in the early twenty-teens, the DTLT team at the University of Mary Washington was hitting its zenith of experimentation (technology, not drugs). The digital storytelling course known as DS106 was wildly popular and had […]

HAX, the wordpress killer.

TLDR; Details HAX is a visual web builder for producing content in a “forever” format known as HTML, with a wrinkle. Imagine being able to reprogram the <strong> tag. While silly, this would fundamentally change the way you build and develop everything on the web. When we describe HTML as forever, it’s because the HAX […]

Your website is a slow, bloated, carbon-belching monstrosity

Modern websites are disgustingly large. Bloated websites are slow. Slow websites use more energy. This is bad and unnecessary. We are guilty of crimes that have harmed both the web and our planet. It’s time to seek redemption and sin no more. I will show you how to run performance tests on a few public […]

The Future is Minimal

Big Ed-Tech (Williamson, 2022) dominates the narrative and our (collective) imagination about the future of ed-tech. But what if there were alternatives to help us image the future differently? Enter minimal computing. Developed and adopted as an approach in digital humanities to counter the “big” DH narrative that has become dominant in that field. This […]