Keynote: Accept all cookies and continue: The many presents of the web

A series of vignettes to help us critically consider the web in which we exist, weave, resist, and leave.   The Web that Is That is, the present But is it a web? And what are its presents? Varied lived experiences That may not all be gifts Silky fibres attached invisibly Woven to weaponize our […]

Surveillance: Should we just give up?

Do you feel powerless in the face of commercial outsourcing of edtech? Do you feel ashamed of the work that you have to do some days? Do you feel your soul withering away each time you read another Edsurge article about proctoring, or analytics, or data? Come and join a group of people who feel […]

Accused! ds106 on trial

The legendary digital storytelling class ds106 ( was born in the early days of the MOOC, when the blogosphere was hot and the web offered a wonderful world of unicorns and rainbows. But the web has been changing, the strands of social media that wired ds106 together and connected it to the outside world have […]

DoOO and WordPress Multisite: Better together!

When the strengths of WordPress Multisite and Domain of One’s Own are combined, it provides students, faculty, and staff with web hosting that’s scalable and sustainable, while remaining flexible, empowering, and open in the ways that web is meant to be! This panel will include Shannon Hauser from the University of Mary Washington, Lee Skallerup […]

Let’s Go to Camp!

We see our colleagues and students start their journeys through cPanel and WordPress.  Left alone, an individual could certainly blaze their own trail through the vast landscape.  But left alone, maybe some will just turn back to the parking lot, get in their cars and drive to their nice warm cabins.  What if we could […]

Teaching for Now and Planning for Later: Balancing a User-Friendly Web and Sustainability Practices as Digital Scholarship Librarians

Binghamton University’s community of digital scholars continues to grow and evolve. Across disciplines and schools, instructors are utilizing digital platforms and multi-modal projects in new and revised courses, and researchers are creating open-access materials and a wide variety of digital research projects. As digital scholarship librarians, we are constantly finding the balance between teaching platforms […]