Building System Capacity: SUNY’s Digital Journey




This presentation will share SUNY’s journey with a Domain of One’s Own. One of the unique aspects of SUNY’s Domain setup is that we have a shared setup between multiple campuses. Starting from a grant-funded program, it has been integrated into SUNY OER Services offerings. There is continued advocacy to push the initiative forward in strategic ways, tying to high-impact practices, connecting to current trends across the country, and innovative research and sharing.

The history of SUNY’s Domain of One’s Own services go back to an exploration of Open Pedagogy done by SUNY’s Faculty Advisory Council on Teaching and Technology (FACT2). In their summary report to the SUNY System Provost, they recommended exploring shared infrastructure to enable Open Pedagogy and Creation of original OER. This original focus on OER and publishing openly licensed materials is still part of SUNY Create, with a central Pressbooks server as part of the shared offerings.

Early adopters of the SUNY Create system continue to keep in touch, despite being located at multiple campuses throughout the SUNY System. Last year, for the first time, they met at SUNY Oneonta for the first SUNY Digital Learning Conference. The conference was presented as an argument that the innovation we are seeing around the country in digital humanities, citizen science, digital publishing, and data visualization can be mapped directly to what the AAC&U calls “High Impact Practices.” Using the open web for Capstone Projects, Collaborative Assignments and Projects, Global Learning, and ePortfolios can all be done as part of our Domain of One’s Own Initiative, expanding our focus beyond Open Pedagogy. By connecting to well-respected organizations that are influential in accreditation we can better articulate to our administration the value of their investment in digital pedagogies.

An area of future exploration will be connecting our domains initiative to micro-credentials, which will require creating a modular curriculum, identifying key competencies, and building learning modules targeted at the undergraduate level. Through the digital fellowship program, we hope to highlight the digital competencies they learn through our programs.

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