Accused! ds106 on trial




The legendary digital storytelling class ds106 ( was born in the early days of the MOOC, when the blogosphere was hot and the web offered a wonderful world of unicorns and rainbows. But the web has been changing, the strands of social media that wired ds106 together and connected it to the outside world have frayed and decayed, and a man stands accused of failing to keep ds106 up to modern standards, and leaving it ill-prepared for the web that will be. Can you help save him, and the course?

ds106 has always been not just on the web but of the web, and as such it reflects the transitions the web has gone through. How can a course remain open, online, on the web, of the web, in the world going forward? Attendees are invited to participate in brainstorming the digital storytelling course of the future.

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